Sri Vasavi Combines: 118,Sullivan Street, Coimbatore-641 001.
Contact :+91 422 3013150. Fax: 0422 2347682.

About Us

 Deborah - Manager director at The Ultrasound suite

Sri Vasavi Combines leading large-scale
Pharmaceutical finished
formulations in Coimbatore

Sri Vasavi Combines is among the leading comprehensive distribution group for Pharmaceutical finished formulations in Coimbatore.

The Company was originated by Mr.M. Subbarayalu Chettiar in the year 1950. Primarily the company was started as a retailer for Alopathy medicines and later this thundered as one of the finest Pharmaceutical product distributors.

The Company served the best which inspired our customers, and hence Sri Vasavi Combines have successfully stepped to lead by the three generations.For over six decades the company has only focused on delivering quality with a smile.

Our Aspiration

Assuring Quality and Ethical business practices to our satisfied customers With a Felicitous environment to workforce

2. Vision
To be Perfect business partner empowered to serve lifelong needs of the people.
3. Affordable & Convenient
We deliver Affordable customer service, which power our business.
We are commited towards our Work, that conveniene our Customers.

4. Quality
We will strive to provide the exceptional Pharmaceutials services for our customers and establish long-term partnership.

Our Company

Sri Vasavi Combines has always updated infrastructure with time. Company has reached more than 12,000 sku's and have stored it all in cold chain model.
Today Company provides the best distribution and service for,